Welcome to Linux Neighbors! The purpose of these pages is to inform a beginners' Linux audience about how to select, install and use one or several Linux distributions. Linux users aren't just nerds and newbies; we're your neighbors and we're here to provide neighborly help and advice.

Please visit LinuxNeighborsand join our group. See a video that explains our goals. Also join us at MeetUp for up to date information on meetings and others.


Our mission is to strive to make sure many more people have access to computers and the benefits they bring. For that purpose we have chosen open (free) systems that allow anyone with a computer, even legacy (old) ones, to access the Internet, write letters, send and receive emails, create presentations, keep track of expenses with spreadsheets, view and create multimedia and do what most computer users do.

We specifically cater to those new to Linux and those that don't know much about it.

We have chosen Linux as the appropriate operating system to accomplish our goals. Linux can be installed in almost any computer, even those ten years old and older, it is free and has multiple different "flavors" (distributions). These distributions provide a graphical interface, like the ones in Windows and Apple and range from very simple to complex. For those of you that want to work directly with the system and configure it uniquely, Linux provides that too.

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