Welcome to Linux Neighbors! The purpose of these pages is to inform a beginners' Linux audience about how to select, install and use one or several Linux distributions. Linux users aren't just nerds and newbies; we're your neighbors and we're here to provide neighborly help and advice.

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We have included links to the different sites where you can download free copies of Linux. It is divided by the different distributions available. Currently the most popular distribution of Linux is Ubuntu. Like most distributions it is easy to install, has an intuitive graphical interface and it is configurable.

In a separate table below, we have included other links that are relevant and that will enhance your Linux experience, as well as other links as requested by our members.

On the left of the tables you will find a short description and on the right the link.

Ubuntu, the most popular Linux.
Debian, stable and simple interface

Additional Links

MeetUp for Linux Neighbors
Linux Neighbors in yahoogroups


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