Welcome to Linux Neighbors! The purpose of these pages is to inform a beginners' Linux audience about how to select, install and use one or several Linux distributions. Linux users aren't just nerds and newbies; we're your neighbors and we're here to provide neighborly help and advice.

Please visit LinuxNeighborsand join our group. See a video that explains our goals. Also join us at MeetUp for up to date information on meetings and others.

About us

We are your neighbors that are interested in making Linux a household word and an operating system that we all can benefit from. We believe that if we can show how intuitive and useful Linux is, we can get more people to use their computers indefinitely without having to buy new ones or pay to update to a newer version of Windows or Apple OS.

Please join our yahoogroups list to receive information and post questions. No question is too simple for us.

A video in youtube provides a short explanation on how we are trying to accomplish that.

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