Welcome to Linux Neighbors! The purpose of these pages is to inform a beginners' Linux audience about how to select, install and use one or several Linux distributions. Linux users aren't just nerds and newbies; we're your neighbors and we're here to provide neighborly help and advice.

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Watch a short video of the Install Fest on 3/23/2013

There are no events planned at this time. Members will be taking a well deserved vacation.

Install Fest When: March 23, 2013 2:00 PM. Purpose: We had very good paricipation for this even. A total of eight attended. After introductions and questions we attempted to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine in a laptop running Windows 7. We all learned a lot about the process. Thanks to all that attended.

Install Fest second preparation meeting Six of us had a very fruitful meeting on 3/3/2013. Things keep rolling along.

Dry run for Install Fest Took place on 2/23/2013 as advertised. It went very well. We had a good attendance, in total six members participated. We got the server up and running, but still need to tune up some of the installation components. Thanks to all participants but especially Josh and Jon that with their expertise were able to solve a couple of problems..

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